At VivaJet, sustainability is paramount. We're dedicated to pioneering initiatives that minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing efficiency and innovation in private aviation. Through carbon offsetting, we invest in verified projects to mitigate emissions, supporting renewable energy and conservation efforts. We believe that to lead is to think ahead, to ensure better standards in the industry, as well as a better world for all.


VivaJet prioritizes sustainable aviation technologies, embracing fuel-efficient aircraft and alternative fuels. Across our operations, we implement eco-friendly practices, from waste reduction to promoting responsible travel. Sustainability isn't just a goal – it's ingrained in every aspect of our operations, driving positive change in the industry and ensuring a greener future for all. Join us in our commitment to sustainable travel and embrace a cleaner, more responsible way to fly.

Utilizing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), we drastically and directly cut Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, by as much as 85% compared to traditional jet fuel.*

Energy efficient systems and recycling programs to reduce waste production.

Eco-friendly materials implementation in the company's facilities and aircraft.

*SAF serves as a liquid, eco-friendly alternative to fossil jet fuel, derived from sustainable sources such as waste oils and agricultural residues.


VivaJet's clients can take to the skies with confidence and clarity, reassured by our comprehensive sustainability initiatives. From carbon offsetting to the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and eco-friendly practices throughout our operations, every aspect of their journey reflects our commitment to minimizing environmental impact. With these strategies in place, passengers can fly with a clear conscience, knowing that their travel choices contribute to a more sustainable future.


One of our key initiatives is our commitment to carbon offsetting. We understand the environmental impact of private jet travel, which is why we invest in verified carbon offset projects to mitigate our emissions. By partnering with leading sustainability organizations, we support projects that promote renewable energy, reforestation, and conservation efforts, helping to offset our carbon footprint and protect the planet for future generations.

In addition to carbon offsetting, we continuously explore and invest in sustainable aviation technologies. From fuel-efficient aircraft to alternative fuels and electric propulsion systems, we are dedicated to embracing innovation that reduces emissions and enhances sustainability in the aviation industry.


The flights of today shape the skies of tomorrow. As such, it is our responsibility to ensure a cleaner and greener future for generations to come. With investments and implementations in modern technologies and AI algorithms, along with strict audits, we can further optimize flight routes, speed and altitude to provide greener outcomes without compromizing efficiency and results.

VivaJet is, and will continue to be a leader in the aviation industry. As leaders, we must lead by example - and ensure a brighter future for all.